Sub-Advised Portfolios

Our turnkey mutual fund and ETF wrap programs provide a choice of dynamic or strategic portfolios sub-managed by Horizon Investments, LLC.

What works in one series of financial market conditions may not work well in another. Our portfolios seek to adapt to this changing environment. The foundation for our management technique is Active Asset Allocation. Following the principles of Active Asset Allocation we seek to overweight, underweight, and avoid trends in the global capital markets.



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Portfolios are traded on a discretionary basis. You assist your clients in matching risk tolerance, time horizon, and investment objectives to one or more of our model portfolios and leave the research, monitoring, and rebalancing to Horizon Investments' team of professionals and analysts.

Research, Powered by Horizon Investments, LLC

IC Advisory Services, Inc. uses Horizon Investments, LLC to manage our IC Dynamic portfolios. Diverse backgrounds and experiences allow the management team to view the market from different vantage points: economic, quantitative, and fundamental.


Asset Allocation Modeling -The Horizon Management Committee screens the relevant universe of investment options to find the best active manager or passive index that meets the portfolio goals and current market environment and uses diversification to help control the volatility of the portfolio.

Available Portfolios

Conservation Plus 

Volatility: Low

Objective: Seeks current income over a market cycle. Suitable for investors with a low toleration for fluctuation in principle and who seek some independence from market volatility. 



Volatility: Low to Moderate

Objective: Seeks modest growth and income over a market cycle. This diversified portfolio seeks to achieve its stated goal through capital preservation, consistent holdings in debt vehicles, and majority participation in sustained periods of market growth.



Volatility: Moderate

Objective: Seeks growth and income over a market cycle. This diversified portfolio seeks to achieve its goal through consistent holdings in debt and equity funds.



Volatility: Moderate to High

Objective: Seeks growth over a market cycle. This diversified portfolio seeks to achieve its stated goal through overweighting market leaders during sustained periods of market growth. 



Volatility: High

Objective: Capital Appreciation in any given market segment at any time. Can be positioned long, short, or neutral. Suitable for the aggressive investor.


IC Advantage Portfolios is a low cost, low entry third-party managed solution providing access to models from some of the industry's top asset managers. Through IC Advantage Portfolios, you can provide your clients with access to fully managed portfolios from managers including Russell, Vanguard, Blackrock, and Lockwood.



Through IC Advantage Portfolios, you can access models created by BlackRock, Russell Investments, Vanguard, and Lockwood's Wealthstart. Each strategist provides research models managed and rebalanced by Pershing Managed Investments on an ongoing basis.