Tools & Resources

To keep all moving pieces of your practice seamlessly connected, you need to access integrated, efficient technology.

Technology has become one of the most important features of a Broker-Dealer. 


The Investment Center enables you to stay cutting-edge by providing you with technology capabilities through both internal programs and strategic relationships with superior providers.


At the heart of the technology offering is NetX360®, a web-based account management system that gives you access to client accounts whether you’re in the office, at home, or on the road.


Our arrangement with Albridge Wealth Reporting helps aggregate all customer accounts for easy viewing and reporting, while also providing an advisor the opportunity to download into different third party applications including Morningstar’s Advisor Workstation and popular financial planning software such as MoneyGuide, eMoney, RightCapital, and NaviPlan.


Arduous paperwork responsibilities have never been easier to handle with a streamlined account application process through Laser App, document storage and viewing by numerous customer relationship management (CRM) software arrangements including Redtail, SmartOffice, or Wealthbox.


With The Investment Center, you’ll have access to technologies on par with the superior level of service that both you and your clients demand from your business.

Client Management Tools

Successful financial professionals depend on creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with clients. That is why The Investment Center gives you access to popular customer relationship software.

Compliance Tools

Our compliance culture is unique. We are continuously comparing our procedures against the changing regulatory environment to simplify, rather than complicate, the compliance process.

Consolidated Wealth Reporting

Through The Investment Center, you will have the ability to have a single view of all client assets through our relationship with Albridge Wealth Reporting.

Financial Planning Software

The Investment Center offers some of the most powerful and popular financial planning tools available.

Document Management

The Investment Center offers you solutions to streamline your office.

Text Messaging Tools

The Investment Center is pleased to be able to offer our advisors a compliant way to communicate with their clients via text.

Portfolio Management Tools

Through The Investment Center, you will have access to NetX360® which will allow you to manage your commission and fee-based accounts.

Client Presentation Tools

To keep all the moving pieces of your practice seamlessly connected, you need access to integrated, efficient technology. That's precisely the sort of technology you have access to through The Investment Center.

TIC Website Tools

The Investment Center website is a prime destination that consolidates the best resources available to put the tools you need to manage and grow your practice at your fingertips.